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Pentagon & Non-Western Nations

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“ In every man there is something  
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that I am his pupil.”
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Reginal Commanders of the World - United States Pentagon
Justifies Targeting Civilians of Non-Western Nations

On the 13th of October, the Pentagon released a video entitled: "Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity". 

Since 2008 Embrace has discussed the implications of worldwide over-population. See:
Possibilities: Defense Industry As Community Builders;
Possibilities: Resource Based Population

"Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity" however, has been produced in the context of the strategic difficulty of killing ”targeted” people in non-Western  megacities. The implication being that substantive “collateral damage”  (killing innocent civilians) is unavoidable.

The video implicitly suggests, that by the sheer numbers of non-Western people the U.S. Military is justified in killing as many Asians, Africans, South Americans and Middle Easterners as they choose. - Racism? 

The United States is the third most populous country in the world.

While the U.S. government controlled PBS network whose news is now largely a propaganda unit of defense contractors, the military and executives more sympathetic to the Holy Land and its' soldiers than the United States and the young people serving in the U.S. military, regales in documentaries extolling America's National Forests, one has to wonder how long these national bastions against humanity will exist.

Every United States military foray into a non-Western nation brings an ever increasing group of refugees/ immigrants to the United States. In some cases, the military itself sponsors immigrants due to guilt of destroying the lives of completely innocent civilians, or those who have assisted the military or CIA in their operations. Albuquerque, USA has long been a repository of new immigrants from Asia and Africa sponsored by the military.  They are usually given only 6 months to learn English, get a job and have their rent  paid by the government.  Amazingly,  since they are incredibly hard workers,  just about all of them do exceedingly well. (This probably has something to do with the local churches. We saw a group of new African arrivals at an Albuquerque Lutheran Church recently.)  

U.S. Military Interference in Non-Western Nations

Since 2001, the U.S. Military has increasingly entered non-Western nations under the pretext of targeting so-called “terrorist” organizations. In some cases, the U.S. Military assists foreign combatants in attacking non-Western nations (Note'; U.S. Military assisting Saudi Arabia - non Western, insistently and  intentionally targeting civilians in Yemen- non-Western)

The organizations labeled “terrorists” by the United States news propaganda (including false stories planted on the internet) often amount to only a handful of individuals (and sometimes the groups are a totally fabricated organization created by the military itself, the intelligence agency of the Holy Land and/ or the CIA.) In cases where such groups do exist, the CIA and U.S. Military often organizes, trains and equips these groups with weapons. (Note: Libya - Also note: Osama Bin Laden, a CIA protege, who in his anger with the CIA and U.S. Military establishment for atrocities, targeted innocent American civilians in exchange for those the CIA and U.S. Military left dead.)  In some cases the U.S. Military and CIA collaborate with the international criminal arm of the Holy Land government: (Witness:  -1.The fabricated documents that Iraq had nuclear weapons. -  2.The 1980s 60 Minutes television show segment that aired with Mike Wallace treating American viewers to a photo supposedly over Iraq of a fabricated terrifying “Giant Gun” which looked suspiciously like a pipeline aimed at the Holy Land - guess who furnished the story line and photo   - 3. Wounded  ISIS members taken to Holy Land Hospitals (not Islamic  Hospitals.)

The United States Military, the CIA and the Holy Land government continually arm groups of what they title sympathetic “rebels” then rename them “terrorists” when they turn against the United States/ Holy Land government after having their schools, hospitals, homes bombed or napalm dropped on their innocent families, (Witness: South Lebanon -  Christian/ Muslim civilian families were melted by the toxic chemical napalm thanks to the United States (Kissinger) and the criminal activities of the government of the Holy Land.)

Embrace knows that there are more intelligent, highly educated, creative thinkers in the Pentagon, the American military leadership, the Defense laboratories (and also in the Holy Land) than have so far been given expression in these bureaucratic systems.

Embrace has suggested for many years, along with the most astute scientists and physicists, that the United States must retool the defense industry into a highly galvanized space program, (Possibilities: The Telegraph: Stephen Hawking) so that new places can accommodate humanity.  At this rate, India will be far ahead of the United States in space development, and that is good, but it is shameful that the the U.S. is so backward in putting a priority on finding livable planets, developing large space stations for sizable populations and pushing forward with space technology (not “Star Wars” but practical, utilitarian civilization development.)

Furthermore, within defense labs where nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are still developed, there are many non-combatant oriented scientists who are hired to develop systems, programs and inventions that could assist in solving many of the urban problems
both feasibly and profitably. Nuclear scientists could be working earnestly to find a way to deconstruct the chain reaction, and safely decontaminate nuclear waste and spills. (Possibilities: Deconstructing Nuclear Fission  Nuclear Waste). So many ecological issues could be solved with just effort applied to them.

The only job of the United States Military is to protect United States citizens within the United States.

Governments exist only because grassroots people exist and pay taxes.

The American Military exists only because of the American people.  If the United States Military and Pentagon Commanders want to act like thugs for the multi-national corporations invading countries to steal land, resources and exploitative labor sources, they should give up the military, become mercenaries and get payed by the multinational corporations. Why should grassroots tax payers foot the bill for multinational criminal activities?

If the U.S. Military takes American tax payer money as bribes from countries given “foreign aid”  by  a corrupt Congress that has been secreted into slush funds, then acts on behalf of foreign agents rather than for the American grassroots people, they better call themselves traitors.

If the leaders of the United States Military are more concerned with keeping Defense Contractors operating in billions of tax payer dollars in exchange for a lucrative job after retirement, they better call themselves part of America's 5th Column.

The United States Military leaders, the Defense Contractors and Labs have an opportunity to create the most exciting, innovative scientific community in the world.

If instead, they opt for the most cruel weapons, torture and creating enemies for the American people around the world, they should just call themselves Losers.